Buy with confidence!

//Buy with confidence!

Buy with confidence!

Motorcycle fans! Buying a lemon is no fun. If anyone is buying a motorcycle for the first time, please don’t let people take advantage of you. We get countless of customers mainly new riders purchase bikes that’s not up to standards but pay top dollar for the bike. That’s called buying a lemon. It happens quite often.

Here’s what you can do. Before you purchase any bike, your not sure if this bike is for you call us (Fancy Cycle 317-541-9597). Let us know what year, make model, price mileage, and title status, pictures wouldn’t hurt as well, then we can guide you to a fair and safe purchase. Tips to buying a used motorcycle.

  • If the buyer rush you to buy then that’s a red flag.
  • Don’t check out bike at night
  • Ask to see title before paying for the bike
  • Use common sense if parts look like there missing it probably is.
  • If your at their house, look at the cleanliness of the yard , most likely that’s how they took care of there bike.

Don’t get took call us 317-541-9597 and be safe!

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