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Big Wheel Kits

300 Wheel Kit – Call for pricing
330 WHeel Kit – Call for pricing
360 Wheel Kit – Call for pricing

Other Services

Motorcycle Detailing
– Starting at $60.00 – Make your bike gleam & shine on the street!

Carburetor Cleaning
– Call for details!

Oil Change
– $90.00 – Most sport bikes (best deal in town.) Check out our oil change special on our home page.

Bike Towing in Town
– $70.00in town if we do the work; we have a enclosed trailer to handle your precious cargo.

Tire Change
– $70.00 per tire on the bike – mount, dismount & balance on bike with our tires – most sport bikes. We use high quality liquid balance, will not corrode chrome rims, stays cool on high speed travel and wheel stays balanced even if wheel is slightly damaged while riding.

Tune Up
$90.00 plus spark plugs, most sport bikes (call us to verify your bike)

Lower Bikes
– $150.00 plus lowering links , includes lower rear front & cut and weld kick stand. most sport bikes

Engine Replacement
– $700.00 plus parts , oil, coolant spark plugs etc.. most sport bikes

Stretched Bikes
– Starting at $750.00 – includes includes swing arm extensions, new brake line, 2 chains and labor for most sport bikes

Paint Job
– Starting at $1000.00

Bikes for Sale

Winter Storage
$50 per month. Bring your bike in, or we’ll pick up your bike in the fall or the winter or just when your done riding for the season. We’ll store your bike, any year make or model, through the winter months. When you’re ready to ride for the new season call us ahead of time to pick up your bike.

Long Distance Bike Pick Up

Labor Rate –
$90 per hour. 
All parts & service pricing are subject to change without notice. We try very hard to give you fast and friendly service, We need your help by coming in on the off season to have your bike serviced to keep our turn around time efficient, and you wont have to rush us to get you back on the road.  We need your patience! And like always, WE WILL EARN YOUR BUSINESS!

Don’t get it twisted, We are the #1 sport bike builder in the State of Indiana. Our hater fan base is very large. Our work speaks for it self. We have guys come to our shop and pick our brains on the best way to customize there sport bike, and then take there bike to some other shop, once the work is completed they are very unhappy and the work is poor quality and left undone then they decide to bring there bike back to us to do the job right. Do your research, and don’t forget you get what you pay for.