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You asked for it, hear it goes – In House Motorcycle Layaway purchase! Once you decide what motorcycle you want to purchase, you will pay half of the total price of the motorcycle cost plus a $100 administration fee. Then you will have 7 months to pay the remaining balance for the motorcycle. Payments will be expected monthly. If for any reason you  default or cannot make your payment on time as agreed, your account will be canceled. At that time, Fancy Cycle will refund you one half of your down payment within 30 days. You will still have an option to purchase the motorcycle if it’s still available for the original total cost of the motorcycle minus the one half down payment we owe you.
    Select motorcycles qualify for the layaway purchase.
To qualify you are required to show verification of at least a  600 credit score, (no exceptions) either thru Credit Karma,  Credit Wise, or any other way you feel is best. You can download either of these apps to your phone or computer free of charge.
Example: Motorcycle: $3745.00 included sales tax
                   Down payment:  $1972.50 on half of the total cost of the bike plus $100
                   Balance: $1772.50
                   7 Months Payments of  $253.20
                                                              $986.25 one half of the down payment you will be refunded within 30 days if you default during the duration of the plan.
You can make your payments anytime by credit card over the phone, Paypal or come in to the shop, 4640 N. Keystone Ave Indianapolis In 46205. Monday – Friday,  11am – 7pm  / sat 11-4pm excluding holidays; no exceptions.

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