Tony, I wanted to thank you a million times again for being so helpful to me making this purchase from you. The bike is nearly complete and even though I will have to wait for my cancer treatments to end to ride it, your professionalism, your communication skills, your going the extra mile to help me make the purchase from my hospital bed, needless to say the hours of enjoyment I’ve already had just building it in my spare time (and good days) has really, really helped my health, my recovery and my optimism these past few months. My doctors and my nursing staff tell me that ever since the day you helped me with the faxing and how you took my personal phone calls, how even though my prognosis was grim, somehow, it seems that doing business with you to purchase the bike, gave me something to focus on other than cancer and I’ve been improving ever since. Again, I just wanted to thank you for all your help, your kindness, you care, concern and even the quality of the frame. It was packaged perfectly, It was spotless and shining…. thank you for being an ebay hero. If you’d like, you may use this email to promote your business as I will always give you a 500% awesomeness customer satisfaction review. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.

With appreciation and utmost respect,


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